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    Unanswered: which database to use with excel


    I work at a company where the users use excel to manage data and i want to create a database to hold large amounts of data in it, but i was wandering what database type to use. I understand that Access doesn't have the feature to let execel collect data from it, but which database dows have that feature?

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    access data can be extracted and manipulated in Excel.. as can many other data sources

    I'd suggest you are putting the cart before the horse..
    excel is great as an analysis tool.. in my books its lousy as a data management tool.

    I'd use excel for some of the more complex and ad hoc aggregation analysis, but outside of that I'd wnat any data entry, manipulation and editing to be within a database...

    Access is a very suitable RAD, its not a data store in itself.... using the default data storage in Access can be a problem if you expect a large number of users, and or extracting/storing a large amount of data
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    excel/access can read/write access/excel with no sweat at all.

    as healdem says, the real question is will JET (the access AND excel native data engine) handle your data & users.

    you will find as many views as members on this site, but my own suggestion is that if your app will be talking to > 2 concurrent users (and we all know that the number of users will grow if your application does anything useful at all) you should not implement in JET.

    a modest SQL-server engine is provided with just about *.* current M$ products - use it. switching to a full-blown server approach later will be 10x easier.

    currently using SS 2008R2

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