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    Unanswered: SQL Anywhere 5.5.05 too slow

    Hi folks, this is my first post in this great forum!

    I have a 'performance problem' in this DBMS, and I'm almost crazy! Anyone can help me, please?

    The environment was changed, we switch from W2K to W2K3 and the database was working normally until the changes. There are some VB3 applications that access the database by Terminal Services in a LAN and by UDP (dbclient.exe -x tcpip{;PORT=12000}) through the internet and two sites published in a intranet (IIS) that access the database.

    After the change, the access to the database became too slow. Some requisitions work normally, but others stay connected to the server for a long time.

    The dbclient.exe is initialized on the client machine (TS or UDP) and are connected to the server. It work normally for a moment and after some requisition the connection start to work (DB_PREPARE_EXEC) and remain to work for a long time and don`t stop. And this interfere on the other connections, that get so slow and the apps stop to execute and the intranet get too slow.

    What I made:
    - Return the database to the old server (W2K)
    - Review the network connections
    - I made a dbvalidate
    - and other things.

    Someone can help me, please?


    M. Santos

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    SQL Anywhere version 5.5 is quite old and was never tested or certified to work with Windows 2003. See this thread for a more in depth discussion of this issue:

    As suggested, you may have to migrate to a newer version of SQL Anywhere if you must upgrade to Windows 2003. You may also want to post your message on the SQL Anywhere forum hosted by Sybase at:

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    I Have the same issue.

    Kindly provide a solution

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