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    Smile Unanswered: db2 update performance

    Hi All,

    I am struggling because of the update performance of db2 . Is it possible to improve update performance using the bufferpool size of tablespace?? I read it in some document but they didn't say how to change or how to relate a tablespace with the perticular table.Also can we disable logging in db2 level.(not the NOT LOGGED INITIALLY!! any other tech) .

    Also How to improve my db2 database update performance its becoming poorer every day!!!!.

    Advance Thanks And Hoping all will help me to improve the db2 update perf.
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    or an index is missing or you need a reorg of the table and runstats
    you can not disable logging for update only for load or with setting not logged initially
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    Hi ,
    I am using index to the table.But i donot know how to use runstat. Can u pls help me in this matter.
    Thanks and regards

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