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    Unanswered: Problem using combo Box Filtering Customer by Employee

    I have Combo box in a form as a search criteria to pull customer information from the tblCustomers and populate the form. The combo box populates the customer names and works as required. But my problems now is how to filter the combo box to populate only the customer assign to a particular employee. For example, I have a table called tblUsers with userID, UserName and UserType.

    Here is the code I used to populate the combo box with the customer names.
    Private Sub cboSelect_AfterUpdate()
    ' Find the record that matches the control.
    Me.RecordSource = "SELECT * FROM tblCustomer WHERE CustomerID = " & Me.cboSelect
    End Sub

    Based on the information above is there any way to twick the code to accomplish to do this. Please note that the main form is bound to tblCustomers

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    How do you identify what employee customer Jeff Smith is assigned to?
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    How do you identify what employee customer Jeff Smith is assigned to?

    Take for example employee John is mapped to Customer Coast Group who purchases shoes and Frank is mapped to Customer ACD USA who purchases cloths. This is mapped against table called cutomer table with their product line. What I want is when John logs to the data base he can only see COAST GROUP information and not ACD USA information.


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    The answer is to just use criteria in a query.

    Provide some table structure and you will get better help.
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