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    Exclamation Unanswered: Upgrade from MSDE SP4 to SQL Server Express 2005


    I am upgrading the MSDE Instance in my application to SQL Server Express 2005.
    This is a named instance and was installed using mixed authentication i.e SA authentication.

    When I try to upgrade using SA authentication it gives me an error message saying:
    " SQL Server cannot upgrade the specified instance by using SQL Server Credentials.You must user windows authentication credentials for upgrade."

    but when I used Windows Authentication, it gives following error:
    "SQL Sever could not connect to the database to validate upgrade options.There was an error: Login failed for user [User Name]"

    User is having Admin right on machine where instance is installed.
    I am unable to comprehend the cause of error . Can please someone help me with this.


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    on the wrong server
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    are you sure you are signed into the machine as a local admin? and that your windows auth account is a sysadmin within sql server?
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    I have found that for named instances with MSDE and SQLSE, you must be logged on as the individual user who installed the original version of the MSDE program (named or unnamed) to be able to do an upgrade on that machine. It's a rights issue.

    You could try using osql and connect to the MSDE main instance (not the named one, but the original one that was installed or the default) and reset the sa password from there. See if that solves the problem using the sa login. BOL has information on how to do these things via osql or you can visit the kb articles here;
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    BUILTIN\administrators was not present in sysadmin. After adding it there I used Windows Authentication to Upgrade.
    It worked.;-)

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