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    Unanswered: help me design this Find form

    i have a table which has Name+phone_number as PK. now i need to build a form where one enters a name and presses a button. All records having that name in the Name field shoud be displayed in a subform. please help me out here..

    A soln which i though...
    i build a query which takes the criteria for Name field from the form i create.. and returns all the record to the form. The part i dunno is.. how does the query takes the criteria dynamically from the form. If this solution cannot work please suugest some other soln.

    please help..

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    You can put in a criteria for the query such as:


    BTW I would be dodging a fieldname called Name, since it is a reserved word.
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    thanx and thanx for the advice as well..

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    i need something like this
    suppose there are three records with names vikash, vikash gupta, vikash sharma
    if i type vikash and press ENTER i get only 1 record from the table and the query automatically changes the last entry to vikash
    also vikash* wont work...
    how can i make vikash* work and stop this form from editing the last entry

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    Change the equal (=) comparison in the query to be a LIKE comparison, then you can use the wilcard (*)
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