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    Smile Unanswered: Need help - DB2 Table changes

    Scenario: We have DB2 table which get updated on daily basis. we need to extract only data which got changed during updation.

    Is there any way to find out changes to thes table. I understand there is Log that get updated evrytime the table data gets updated. Is there any DB2 utility which can be used to read this log and find/extract out changed information.

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    Depending on your DB2 version and platform, you may be able to use the last modification timestamp to find the desired rows. See the ROW CHANGE expression:
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    you actually have a few choices here. You can do as Mr. Stolze suggested, but a log analysis tool and create reports based on the logs, set up triggers to capture the changes in another table, select from your update. Of course, as was mentioned some of these may depend on which version of DB2 you are using.

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