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    Post Unanswered: DB2 last successful backup

    Hi All,
    I use DB2 v8.1.0.144 FixPak 16 installed on Solaris 8 servers.
    We do our backups on the solaris file system.
    I am currently working on a check backup project for our DB2 enviornment.
    I have a simple question.
    Is there a command in DB2 which will fetch out the last succssfull backup using the db2 list history command?
    If not, is there a static file in text format which logs all the backup events and diffirentiates them on the basis of Successful backup or failed backup.
    The 'DB2 list hitory backup all for db <db name>' and the 'db2 list history backup since..' commands are of no help to me.
    My script needs to do the following.
    -run the db2list history backup for all dbs in an instance.
    -check if there were any faliures, if there were send an email containing the db name
    -if there were any faliures , check the timestamp of the last successful backup and return the age of teh last successful backup.

    out of these three, I have been able to accomplished the first two but its the third that is eluding me.

    Thanks all in advance!!!!

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    Try using the SQL function to get the backup history:


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    Thanks Andy!!!
    May a lot of Good Karma come your way.

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