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    availabiltiy for a car park booking system


    I'm going to get a developer to create a new site for a car park which will include a booking system.

    I want to understand how availability or occupancy would typically be modeled for a car park in a database or booking system.

    Would you simply use count variable for each date, for example.

    If the total number of cars booked in the car park was
    4July08 = 9
    5July08 = 10
    6July08 = 4
    and you were booking in a car from 4th to 6th July would you simply add +1 to each date count? So you would then have
    4July08 = 10
    5July08 = 11
    6July08 = 5
    I assume you would have a maximum occupancy variable also.
    Is this typically how this type of thing would be modeled?

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    You would not store something you can calculate like this.
    If your table stored the date a car was booked in, then ultimately, a count of the number of records with a specified date gives you this value.
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