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    Unanswered: Informix 7.20 turn on logging

    I have an old Informix-sql 7.20.UD7 database and we have a need for logging every transaction to the database for a table.

    Is it possible to setup logging on the database?
    How do I setup logging on the database or check that it exists?
    Can I restrict this logging to one table only?

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    Yes but changing logging statis is a functionality of the database server not ISQL. So first you need to know the version of the Informix server you are using. You sould contact your Informix Database Administrator to have it changed.

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    It doesn't look like we are running the informix server, we just run fglgo to run the 4gl and through the 4gl programs it connects to the database.

    I've checked the startup scripts under FreeBSD 6.2 (which it's running on) and it doesn't start an informix server in there.

    Checking the version on fglgo I get:

    $ fglgo -V
    INFORMIX-4GL Version 7.20.UD1
    Pcode Version 602

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