I am getting a popup box headed "Crystal Reports [Reportxxx] crw32.exe - Application Error" when I try to connect to any Oracle stored procedure via "Add database to report". The message box then states that the memory could not be "written".

Pressing the OK button then closes the report.

I can link to views with no problem but it takes about 2 minutes before the error occurs if I have clicked the "stored procedures" box in options.

I am running Crystal 8.5 and ODBC driver CR Oracle8 v3.6 on Oracle 9.5.

I have tried uninstalling / reinstalling Crystal and running the exe directly rather than via a shortcut, but I still cannot get it to add the stored procedure. I can link the report to a database using another machine in the office but cannot link if signed in as another user on my machine.

Any ideas would be gratefully received,

Thanks in advance