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    Exclamation Unanswered: Get "Library not registered" when creating a maintenance plan

    Please help!
    I have a mssql 2005 sqlserver sp2 (cluster) about to go production tomorrow. I went in to add 1 more maintenance plan and now am getting "Library not registered" when I go to save the plan. I've had no issues before creating plans and jobs until now. The nodes have been mucked around with over the last couple of weeks, the techies have been installing other products, etc. I think they must have clobbered something that mssql needs for maintenance plans.

    I tried running "regsvr32 dts.dll" to re-register the dts lib and the registeration succeeds but I still have the same problem. Do I need to recycle the mssql services first?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!!


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    SSIS is not a cluster-aware service. Could it be that it was installed on 1 node after initial SQL2K5 cluster, but was never installed on another? If the answer is YES, then it is possible that your successful set up of other maintenance plans was when SQL was running on the same node where SSIS was installed. If a fail-over (manual or due to a failure) occurrred since your last successful package was created, - you might be getting it because SSIS is not present on the currently active node.
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    Thanks for the response. The installs were the same on both nodes. At one time I did create a plan on the node I was having issues with. The problem was that I couldn't create or modify a plan without using the wizard. the wizard still worked but is not flexible enough. I had to uninstall mssql 2005 on the passive/problem node and reinstall. They've failed back over to it now and it's all working ok again.

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