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    DBA vs. Developer, human factor

    I am on the cusp of development but have a lot of database background. I am interested in DBA work. I know what kind of work you do, but I was wondering about the human element. So, here are some questions. Thanks for answering!

    1. Do you interact with others more, less, same as developers?

    2. Do you sit in your cube/isolated/quiettime more, less, same as developers?

    3. Do you do more, less, same late nights/weekends/overtime/oncall as developers?

    4. Are you rushed more, less, same as developers?

    5. Do you feel you have more, less, same upgrade path to CIO, etc. as developers?

    6. Do you feel your work is more, less, same tediousness as developers?

    7. Developers are constantly in front of the computer screen, are you more, less, same?


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    1) The interactions between people are different, and between the groups (DBAs and developers) are different. Depending on what you measure, all three answers can and do apply.

    2) Depending on the stage of the project, all three apply.

    3) DBAs almost always do more nights/weekends/etc than developers.

    4) Yes.

    5) It depends on the developer.

    6) Yes.

    7) No.


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