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    Unanswered: Create Index is hanging


    Iam Using ASE 12.0 on solaris 10.

    On my production system create index on a particular table is taking very long time /hanging.

    Same script runs without any problem on my test server ( same configuration as production server in device , database size , ASE version and OS version)

    There is No entry in log.

    Iam able to work with the other tables in the database.

    Any solutions/pointers are highly apprciated.

    Thanks and regards

    Umakant Mirji
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    is it a clustered or non-clustered index. check what locks are held on the table after you issue the command. how many rows does the table have. how much of free space do u have in the database. when u say it hangs, does it wait there infinitely. do a sp_who and sp_lock and see if the session is running also check the sysprocesses table for the spid and see if the i/o is changing

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