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    Unanswered: Calculating... in the status bar & flashing text boxes

    I have an existing report that has worked for years (2003 and prior) that does not work with 2007 in Report View. In Report View the report displays the word "Calculating..." in the status bar and most of the text boxes are flashing (visible\not visible) or are not visible until I click on them - then they become temporarily visible. The report seems to work fine in print view.

    I've tried this 2 ways: 1) converting the original 2003 db to a 2007 db; and 2) using 2007 to run the unconverted 2003 db. Remember in 2003 and prior this works fine.

    Any suggestions for fixing this problem are appreciated.

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    With applications developed in 2003, which didn't have a Report View, I've always just turned off Report View. My advice would be to just not use Report View

    I've also had a few issues with databases created in earlier versions of Access which when brought into A2007, resulting in some forms and reports just becoming really "dodgy". I've had several forms show up with two "new records" and if you click one of them and then try to close the form, A2007 just crashes.

    I find that the best solution for these kinds of problems is to create a new report shell in the database and copy the content into it and then copy the code into it (if there is any) then delete the original report.

    Sorry I don't have a quick and easy solution to this one... but Access 2007 is still pretty new to me and I'm still learning its nuances.

    You might also like to try the typical methods of cleaning corruption, the /decompile thing and importing objects into a new database to see if the problem vanishes.
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    quick solution: DROP Access 2007 and stick with 2003.
    so far, the punters who have been brave/foolish enough to "upgrade" to 2007 have managed to run my 2003 .MDE applications without any issues.

    pace Trekker: yes i .MDE the backend as well (for no-mods purposes rather than for "security")

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