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    Unanswered: LOAD or FEDERATION

    I have a specific scenario wherein I have a single server having DB2 UDB v8.2. In this particular server i have 2 databases on 2 separate nodes. Now i want to move data (huge amount of data) from one of these databases to another.

    So i needed to know in this particular scenario which option would be better
    1. Do select from first and then LOAD into the other.
    2. Use federation to load data.

    At this point of time federation seems to be the most logical option for me since data gets transferred from one db to other on the same machine but then i needed to know whether any issues are present which will tilt the balance in favour of using the LOAD method

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    Advantages of the export/load approach:

    1) Fairly easy to do, simple scripts
    2) No extra setup necessary


    1) requires disk space to store the intermediate files
    2) Two step process

    Advantages of using federation

    1) Once setup is complete, simple scripts, one step process
    2) no extra disk space needed


    1) Setup can be tedious and time consuming, but only done once

    Picking which one to use really depends on your particular needs. On the face of it, using export/load might seem the way to go if you have the disk space to spare, but if this will be an on going process, setting up federation might be the way to go since you only have to do it once.


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    if on unix platform you could create a pipe
    export to pipe... and load from same pipe
    no disk space is being used only memory
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    how to do pipe export? and load from same pipe?
    Pawan Kumar

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    Everything in UNIX is a file. That holds also true for pipes. So you create a named pipe and export to it - or import/load from it.
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    Named Pipe?

    Please can you explain the same with the help with an example. I understand the concept but am not sure how the same would be represented with the help of commands.

    Will appreciate an syntax based example here.


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    you may try out this pretty old but pretty good tutorial for named pipes....

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