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    Hi all
    Phew!!!!!!!! I have only started on Access about 3 weeks ago and I have a 'working' database. am sooooooooooo happy and many thanks to my helpful friends on here who gave me the correct advice. However, as usual there are still problems.

    I have attached my database for any of you to look at. You can use it yourself, give it away whatever. I don't mind.

    There are two areas I want to to fix. Both are most probably explained by you having a look at the database. I do not really want all the code to fix it. I would prefer if someone has some nice links or forum posts which I can go to so I will learn some more.

    Problem 1. If you go to the Database, Reports, Trial Balance and enter dates of 01/06/08 and 30/06/08 you will see a report. At the bottom is a total figure which should say zero. What I really want to happen here is that if each account has a debit or a credit balance then I want to show it in a debit or credit column. Then have two totals at the bottom which both equal each other. (Well so long as people input the right

    Problem 2. If you do the same exercise but this time in Financial statements you will see that the Net Profit figure is in brackets. In Accountancy brackets denote a credit figure but it also denotes a NET LOSS. Can I easily change that figure to the OPPOSITE of how it appears?

    Anyway, I know there are tons of other things which need doing but I am so proud I got this far.

    Cheers to all
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    youy can apply your own custom format masks in the same way asa Excel (at least Im pretty certain you can.. its a long long time since I've dabbled in that)

    if that doesn't work then you may have to resort to doing some formatting in VB code
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