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    Unanswered: save last 5 status and show only the latest in a form

    i have table with fields name,phone and status1,status2... status5
    i have a form to add records which uses status1.
    now i want to build a form to update status... it should how many fields for status i have used.. and allow me to fill the new one...

    how can i do so.
    plz help..

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    if you have columns with the same name and a numeric suffix then that often indicates a dodgy physical design of the db

    however you can get round that by accepting a value in an unbound control and then 'posting' that value to the appropriate status control

    how do you propose to handle edits of the status controls
    how do you propose to handle deletions of status (and presumabnly shuffling up values for higher suffixes
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    What healdem is saying is

    redesign that there table!
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