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    Unanswered: Reporting Services - Dashboard

    We have a created a Dashboard on reporting services to contain all out reports....

    i need to create a training pack to show how to use a specific report, currently it is in a word document.

    How can i do it so the training pack can be view on internet explorer (HTML) and then attached that link onto reporting service....

    i currently have no knowledge of using HTML or where to start this... you suggestion would highly be appreciated....

    we also have a software called Adobe Captivate, i can add links from that to the HTML page

    what do you think

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    AKH you can just upload your .Doc to anywhere in your SSRS Website via the SSRS html interface
    Just [Save as] your .Doc to HTML & upload it

    Not exactly sure what you mean by a SSRS dashboard but you could add links to these from that
    Put a Help URL link in the reports themselves

    Is this what you mean?

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