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    Unanswered: hope suggestion for convert informix-se 4.X+sco linux

    hi all.
    i'm new to informix.
    currently my office use informix-se 4.x on sco linux 5.X.
    and we want to migrate to informix on linux with minimum budget,
    and can compile old 4gl file + jdbc

    can i get suggest from this forum, which version engine + i4gl which fit?
    thanks in advance for your kind info.
    best regards.

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    If I understand you want to migrate from Sco to Linux 5.

    There is only one version of 4GL that will work, 7.50.
    SE is the same, they (IBM Informix) currently do not have a version certified for Linux 5 but 7.25.UC6R1 will install and work.

    For JDBC the latest version is 3.10; You will need at least 1.4 JDK to work with the jdbc.

    As far as the cost you might want to talk to the sales office.

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