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    Unanswered: migrating from Mssql to MySql

    hie.does anyone know any tool that can migrate all stored procedure from MSSQL to MySql. i have >100 stored proc. or if there isnt any, how do we convert them manually?

    thanks in advance

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    I don't know of any tool that will convert stored procedures from Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL. Even if one existed, I'd be unlikely to trust it.

    MySQL and SQL Server are similar pieces of software, but there are so many important differences that automated translation is impossible. MySQL treats as suggestions some of the SQL features that I think of as critical, and will implement those features (transactions, referential integrity, etc) some times but not always.

    I would re-write the stored procedures, and either be VERY specific about how MySQL should be configured or re-write the application and the stored procedures so that they can tolerate the issues that can arise from not being able to depend on those features.


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