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    Unanswered: Access Reports: Attendace Report Problems

    I have a report that was built based on a paper form to track a students attendance. The week begins with Saturday and ends with Friday. The report tracks a two week span and only pulls the values from the table generated by the code attached.

    Report Error: Does not calculate the second week correctly for a course longer than 5 days (40 hours).

    My dilemma: The course completion or end date is critical. We manually change the registration and completion to have the begin date adjusted based on the number of hours the course is supposed to be and count back from the end date. Because students are allowed to take some courses at their own pace this makes our records inaccurate. We must have attendance reports that reflect the correct completion date as well as the pre-determined course hours not the amount of hours it took the student to complete at their own pace.

    Example: The student completed Course A on Wednesday. Course A is a 64 hour (8 day) course. Since we are closed on Saturday and Sunday the report will be wrong based on how we make adjustments. It will show the start date as Wednesday of the week before and show attendance on Saturday and Sunday.

    How can I force any Saturday and Sunday dates to push to the first available week day of the previous week based on my code? I am not the author but I have taken the place of the original author. This problem is new because we have never had a program of study like this one that has 64-hour courses.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Sorry, but this is too big for me to do for nix... and there's not enough information about the table structures / data anyway.

    I suggest you re-write it. Since you are now the owner/designer, you need to understand it well so if I were you, I'd just re-write it.
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    StarTrekker has a very good point about learning the app. You really can't support something without understandnig how the app works. That being said tho, and I'm assuming you know VBA you could easily disregard the Sat & Sun hours by looping thru the days between the end date and the start date and incrementing a counter if the day of the week is not Sat or Sun. Then multiply the counter by 8 and you should have the number of hours it took.

    Good luck, Stu
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