We are in need of testers for a new code generator (LatticeFramework Studio). LatticeFramework Studio is a model-driven, template-base code generator. You can generate Entity-Relationship diagram in PDF, databsae schema reports in Word and html format as well as code in C#, Java, PHP, ColdFusion and more from Oracle database (also support SQL Server and MySQL). You can also export the database schema metadata as XEML file (XML Entity Markup Language) which you can generate code without connected to Oracle or import it to other case tools.

Anyone interested please send an email to support at(@) latticesoft.com with subject text "Tester for LatticeFramework Studio (Oracle)" asking for a license file.

For all selected testers, we will give you a free copy of software if you can report a bug or give us some suggestions.

Here is the User Guide:

Here is generated sample code: