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    Installing 2 windows

    I'm trying to install 2 versions of windows. I have windows xp home edition bundled with software but only on a recovery partition. I want to install a version of Windows with IIS. I have copies of Windows 2000 (which i dont really want), and preferably windows Server 2003, or xp pro. How can i install both of these on my computer so that when i want to be able to switch between the windows so that i can do everyday computing and IIS work. when i do a recovery to put the original XP home on, and then another OS, it give me a loader but when i try to load xp home it says it's missing some file ( if u need the exact message let me know). any suggestions.

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    There is a dual boot option available in Windows XP that allows both two copies of XP to run on the same hard drive. This option will setup a dual boot when the system restarts. Simply install Windows XP (Home, Pro or Multimedia) by booting from the CD at startup. Install the new OS in a different folder other than Windows. I usually use Windows XP. You will find this option available by hitting the ESC key when asked where to install the operating system.
    Upon reboot the system will ask you which operating system you would like to use.
    You'll have to reload all of your programs since the new registry will not contain any information about the programs on the hard drive. All documents and data remain in tack, but copies of My Documents will need to be created in the new My Documents folder.

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