I have one problem in sybase ase and iq installation on client version.

initially i had sybase ASE 12.5.3 and iq client version on my machine. at that time i can access both IQ and ASE using sybase central properly.
Meanwhile i have upgraded by ASE version to 15.0 and also my client version is changed from 12.5 to 15.0
when i tried to installed iq client on my machine, sybase central exe of ASE is replaced with IQ.
Also i tried vice versa. it is found that sybase central exe which is the latest installed only can be access. but the strage think is both clients are installed on the separate folder. i have changed the name of folders and drives also. but facing same problem.

This problem does not appear with ASE 12.5 and IQ 12.6

Hence i want to ask that is there any bugs or problems with client version of ASE 15.0?

Did any one face the same problem before this?

Waiting for the reply