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    Unanswered: How can I achieve this on an Access table?

    I have a problem and don't know how to solve it. Hope you can give me some advice:

    I have an Access table like the one below.(apologies for the distorted table format but I don't know how to fix it)

    I want to choose three and only three staffers from each department according to their salary, years of experience and appraisal rating in descending order. That means I will pick the ones with the highest salary first. If salary isn't a differentiating criterion, I go to pick the most experienced ones, and if it still doesnt differentiate the staff, I go to pick the ones with better appraisal ratings.

    For example, in the following table, for dept 1, I will select Staff D (highest salary), C (A,B and C have equal salary but C is more experienced than B and A) and B (salary and experience equal to those of A, but better appraisal than A).

    The output should be a table with 3 staff records from each department.

    Now my question is how can I achieve this? Can I just do it with SQL?

    Dept Staff Salary Experience Appraisal rating(Higher the better)
    1 A 50000 4 2
    1 B 50000 4 3
    1 C 50000 5 5
    1 D 60000 3 4
    1 E 10000 1 2
    2 F ...
    2 G ...
    2 H ...
    2 I ...
    3 ... ...
    3 ...
    3 ...
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    what do you want to see if there are 4 staffers in a department with the same top salary, experience, and appraisal?

    i can do this with sql easily if you allow ties (and i would recommend that you do)

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    Actually, I want to cut one in case there's a tie. I may keep the one with a smaller staff ID.

    Can you tell me how to do it with SQL?

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