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    Unanswered: Need assistance!

    I in advance would like to thank you for all respondent.

    I was developing a database but I know nothing about programming so I have a problem develop it.

    I wish to know what's the appropriate builder to go and what's those code.

    Situation is like this:
    Assume i have 3 page
    1st table i key in data to buy list
    2nd table is the stock list
    3rd table is the sell out list

    I want to build a expression which when i buy in stock (1st table) it will auto add into stock list (2nd table) AND when i sell out (3rd table) it will minus out of the stock from stock list

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    One of the things you may want to consider before updating any tables is do you want an audit trail or history of the transaction. If so you are going to need a stock transaction table that will list the ins and outs of stock units.

    You can then run a query on this table to do a count of each stock line.

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    You don't have to do this with three tables necessarily. You can do it with one table only and one view.

    The table would be transactions, the view what stocks you own right now. I have submitted an example of how you could do. To buy/sell stocks, enter the transactions into the table - the name of the stock, uncheck the "buy" checkbox if you sell, and enter the amount. The view will tell you what you have right now.
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