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    Unanswered: Access 2003 opens files in Access 2000 format

    I am a high school teacher revising my handouts/ workbook after we were upgraded from Office 2000 to Office 2003. At the moment I am working on my unit on Data Access Pages and am very puzzled. I begin with a personal address book template (01018581.mdb) I downloaded from the Microsoft website. Since it contains extraneous objects, such as macros, queries, reports, etc., I deleted all them in order to keep only the single table I want to work with. However, when I re-open the .mdb file, there is a message at the top of the screen reporting that the file is in Access 2000 format. I don't want that. Even if working with DAPs is the same whether the table is in 2000 or 2003 format, since I am teaching 2003, I do not want to see anything labeled as 2000.

    I've tried creating a new database, then importing the table from the Microsoft 01018581.mdb file, I've tried importing a table from a database of my own creation; but I always end up with an Access 2000 file format.

    I might find some way of getting around all this (maybe creating the table manually from scratch?), but at the very least I want to understand what is happening.

    Can anyone explain or, better still, tell me how to get my table into Access 2003 file format?

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    It's because that is the default file format for Access 2003. You can change that by Tools - Options - Advanced - Default File Format.

    You can also upgrade a 2000 format file to 2002 / 2003 by Tools - Database Utilities - Convert Database - To Access 2002 - 2003 File Format.
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