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    Unanswered: setting up ftp with replication

    Hi All

    I have SERVER A (not my server, and outside my domain) Although I can connect to it via management studio as sa, its also v2005

    I own server B (v2000) and need to replicate tables & co from a db on Server A.

    Server A is setup as both a Distributer and as a Publisher
    I created a publisher called pub1

    and under my own server I created a subscriber say Sub1 using the pull method

    I used the default snapshot folder for Server A as I do not know where it is.
    I am able to run the start the snapshot agent which start and runs ok and tells me the number of articles it has generated.

    But when I checK on the Server B I get the following error message

    The process could not read file 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\ReplData\unc\OWGR1_OWGR_pub1\ 20080715121370\tblEvent_4.pre' due to OS error 3.

    This I think is due to the fact it can't find the location of the files on from Server B to Server A.

    I was told that we could try to connect to server A from B via ftp but I don't know how to set that side up. I have the ftp name /password but how do I know the path of the route ftp folder and also should I not change the snapshot to be the ftp folder as well?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated


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    If without the FTP, - you need to run your SQLAgent under an account that has read permissions on the location where the publisher stores snapshot files. If with FTP, - the publisher needs to put the snapshot files to an FTP server, and the SQLAgent account of the subscriber has to have a valid logon to that FTP server and read permissions on the folder.
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    As you are using Pull subscriptions you need to use a share with UNC as the snapshot location. This can still be the default location, just share it and refer to it by UNC.
    If, due to permissions (non-trusted Domain), you can't access the default snapshot location even when it is shared, you will need to specify an alternate snapshot location to which the Snapshot Agent has write permission and the Distribution Agent/Merge Agent has read permission. This alternate location could be on another server in a DMZ for example or on a network share.
    There's more about this in BOL.


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