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    Unanswered: Scroll Bar, Form Height, FREEZE control

    When I open my Access form, the scroll bar thumb is positioned about 30% across the scroll bar. I want it to be positioned to the far left of the bar when the form opens. I have tried looking through the properties, but maybe this is something that has to be coded in an event procedure when the form opens or loads. How can this be done?

    Is there a way to "freeze" colums on an Access form like in Excel where the "frozen" columns stay in the form regardless of how far the user scrolls to the right?

    Also, while I'm here, I may aswell ask what the coding would be to set the height of the form when it opens/loads. I didn't see a height property in the properties list for the form.

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    Try setting focus to a control to the left on your form on load?
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    You can utilize code to resize a form depending on the screen size set for windows (examples of this code are in the code bank) or design the form in a way so you don't have to even utilize the scroll bar (I hate having forms with scroll bars and making the user utilize a scroll bar.) Tab controls also work very well for arranging data fields within tabs that would normally cause the need for a scroll bar. If you must utilize a scroll bar, go with georgev's suggestion on setting the focus to a field on the far left. If you are using a datasheet view verses a single form/continuous view, consider adjusting the column widths and basing it off a query or making it a continuous form where you set up the fields widths and have more control.
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