I've been doing MS Access and other databases for a long time. I always did a small amount of SQL Server database work as well. However now my web sites have grown beyond Access usage for back-end database scripting. I am setting up, for example, a membership list in SQL Server and users are hitting the Access MDB files that the web pages are freezing on each user simultaneously.

In the past, I used a custom FTP VB6 application I wrote to download Access databases from my web server to my client computer (which I would then use for newsletters, setting member preferences, etc.) My hosting companies do not allow remote SQL Server connections so I either have to use online web applications to manage my users or find a way to connect the Access MDB file on the server to the back-end SQL Server.

I noticed there is a SQL Server publishing wizard that FTPs your client SQL database to a web server. Since a SQL database is disk-based and not a file-based system (that you can just copy off the server) does anyone have suggestions on how to manage a SQL Server database remotely if you don't have your own web server or have access to it (other than through a hosting control panel)?

Basically I just need to find a way to download tables from the server (or upload them with changes or new data) so I can manage my membership list from the client computer.

Should I be building some sort of web service for this?

If anyone thinks I'm making this too complicated and has a better solution or Microsoft set of developer tools they can use, let me know.