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    Suggestions for MS Access Web-based Replacement.

    Our company is currently using Access 2003 to connect over ODBC to a MySQL database. We chose Access 2003 because of its use of forms. More recently, we have been looking for a solution which might centralize our process.

    Instead of having to maintain 5 workstations with Access installed, we’d like to move to a web based system. Does anyone have any ideas for an Access replacement which uses a similar interface on a centralized server? Thanks!

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    Well, I haven't used it much, but open office base has some of Access' features. And, you can link base to a database server back end.

    However, if you're setting up a web-based system, use mysql or postgresql as the database server, use their GUI as the front end, and connect to the database server with php or asp to serve the data to the clients.
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    I dont understand the point/problem over 'having to maintain 5 workstations"..
    but fwiw
    if you want to go down the web approach then somehting like PHP or PHP/Javascript (AKA AJAX) will get you there.

    however one thing to bear in mind is that standard Access isnt' very secure, designing web applications (unless you are very switched on) can create massive security problems. OK accepting that you are running your app over an intranet or VPN then you may be less prone to such problems, but they still exist.. tying down a web based app is doable, but it takes a lot of thought.
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    Have you considered Citrix?
    Requires no re-write, since you can just use your existing Access database (FE and BE) on the hosted platform.
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    Web based data access / entry

    I've used Microsoft SQL 2005 Express edition for smaller applications like this. MS Visual Developer 2008 and MS Visual Web Developer make it pretty easy to make data entry forms. I already had a running exchange server that was running Internet Information Services (Microsoft Web Server). It makes it pretty easy to turn on web security and force users to authenticate and log in to use the form. I also caputure their user name and write it to the database when they make an entry.

    If you need help or want someone to take a look at what you have to offer a more informed answer I'd be happy to. I do consulting work regularly. Message me if interested.

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