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    Unanswered: User Rights Restriction

    One Web Application is using SQL server via user 'abc'. I want to restrict this user.
    My requirement is :
    abc should not select, insert, update, delete on any table using any sql query.
    abc should run specific Stored Procedure and insert or delete or update or select.
    I have procedures for all this operations.

    What steps I have to follow to create a login, role, user?
    what rights i have to give to database, table?

    please guide in detail.

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    Use schemas for all your objects, create schema for your tables and deny select,insert,update,delete on those schemas to that user. Create a schema or schemas for your stored procedures and grant execute on it/them to that user. When creating each stored procedure, use EXECUTE AS clause and either specify a user account that has the rights to perform DML on table schemas, or use OWNER.
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