We recently upgraded our DB2 Server and Client from DB2 8.1 FP14 to DB2 9.5FP1. After the upgrade we notice that the data exported in DEL format with "modified by codepage=1208" while being read by a java class fails with following exception.

at sun.io.ByteToCharUTF8.convert(ByteToCharUTF8.java: 270)
at sun.nio.cs.StreamDecoder$ConverterSD.convertInto(S treamDecoder.java:287)
at sun.nio.cs.StreamDecoder$ConverterSD.implRead(Stre amDecoder.java:337)
at sun.nio.cs.StreamDecoder.read(StreamDecoder.java:2 23)
at java.io.InputStreamReader.read(InputStreamReader.j ava:208)
at java.io.BufferedReader.fill(BufferedReader.java:15 3)
at java.io.BufferedReader.readLine(BufferedReader.jav a:316)
at java.io.BufferedReader.readLine(BufferedReader.jav a:379)
at Test.main(Test.java:35)

It works fine on DB2 8.1 FP14. And the database codepage on both the versions is 1208. Also I tried setting db2set parameter DB2CODEPAGE=1208 on the client but didn't help.

When the export is done on 8.1 and open the file in notepad, it shows the format to be UTF-8. And in the case of 9.5 the format is ANSI.

Further investigation shows that when I try to read the exported file with Sun JDK, it works fine for 8.1 and 9.5. However, it fails with above exception when I use IBM JDK only in 9.5.

Any help with this problem will be appreciated.

Suresh Durgappa