I am using Sybase ASE 12.0 DB and odbc++ api to access data from the db.

The problem happens when customers have sybase system 11 driver dll with version 3.00 installed in their machines.
FileName - sysybnt.dll
Location(mostly) - C:\Program Files\Sybase\Sybase system 11
Version which works for us-3.11
Version which DOES NOT work for us-3.00

It looks that this driver has a bug when you odbc++ getString call for a "text" field.

Has anyone faced a similar issue ?

1 option for us to upgrade drivers on every customer's machine but that doesn not seem to be a viable option.

Is there some other workaround that can be done here ? The only reason why we are using "text" field is because our col can get data till 30k characters. Is there any other col type which we can use ??

Thanks in Advance,