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    Unanswered: extending ODBC time out

    I'm not sure this is truely and access question and I don't think these is much I can do but I wanted to run it by you guys.

    My work PC got replaced including and upgrade to Office 07. I fired up Access 07 today and am having some pain in adjusting. Most of it, I think I will work though. There is one thing though. I use an ODBC connection to our Datamart. It is failing early and often. I know I have pulled this kind of data on '03 with no trouble.

    Is there anything I can do from the end-user perspective to discourage and ODBC timeout?

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    Because your environment is an unknown here, the best thing I can do is direct you to your systems administration people and ask them to see what they can do to help.

    All I can suggest is clicking that big ugly office button, selecting Access Options (formerly know as Tools - Options) and then clicking on Advanced. At the bottom of that there are some DDE/OLE/ODBC options that might be worth a look at.

    Mind you, setting the timeout to like 10 minutes might save you some crashes, but I wouldn't be happy with any system that had such a lag. I think you need to look at why it's failing more than patching it with a longer timeout. A new system upgrade should not need timeouts extended!!
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    ah, that looks like what I need. Thanks. I'll get in touch with the admin for his preferences with regard to time out periods and so on. Thanks for showing me where to look though.

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