Hi Guys,

Actualy, i just need some advice. Each fiscal year, every IT personel has to propose a solution to enhance our enterprise datawarehouse

After thinking and studying the current structure, i figured 2 solutions
1) To build a dictionary which links Datawarehouse and Source System

The objective of this dictionary is to surve as a guide to each and every personel which needs to know the high level flow of our database links which exists between our Enterprise Datawehouse and Operatinal Systems

2) To build a scorecard Source System Data

This will surf as a way to improve data quality and identify which source files has issues and track them

The issue is that, i know what i want to do, but im not sure how to build a reasonable solution which can really help the department. For instance, the first idea, probably i can only think of having a few tables which stores information on the source files, the source owners, our loading processes..and thats it. Im not sure what else to store in here.

And the second solution, basically what i can think of is, having all the bad records populated in a table, then analyzing and generating some kind of reports to highlight to management on the quality of files sent to our warehouse.

Actually, i feel , i really need a reference point for me to get started. If you guys have found any document or have any advice which will contribute to the above, feel free to share, it will be really helpful. thank you very much