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    Smile Unanswered: Migration From Sybase ASA 7.0 to MySql

    Hi, Everybody,

    I want to migrate from Sybase's Adaptive Server Anywhere 7.0
    i.e ASA 7.0 to MySql.

    Source database (of ASA 7.0) and the newly created target
    database ( of MySql ) would be on same machine. ( no network involved )

    I want to migrate both data and schema.
    Is there any tool which can do the job.

    I tried MySql's Migration toolkit. But it is not connecting to source database and giving errors like

    Connecting to source database and retrieve schemata names.
    Initializing JDBC driver ...
    Driver class Sybase JDBC Driver
    Opening connection ...
    Connection jdbc:jtds:sybase://LOCALHOST:3306/d:\db_nolog\yog_0708.db;user=milind;password=;char set=utf-8
    The list of schema names could not be retrieved (error: 0).
    ReverseEngineeringSybase.getSchemata :Network error IOException: Connection refused: connect

    When actually network is not involved why is it expecting all other network
    related parameters

    Please help me and suggest how should I convert my sybase data to MySql

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    The easiest approach may be to use SQL Anywhere's dbunload utility. This will create a reload.sql file that you can modify to match MySQL's syntax, along with csv files with the data.

    ASA version 7 is over 9 years old. Have you tried one of the newer versions of SQL Anywhere? The SQL Anywhere Version 11 Free Developer edition was just posted on the Sybase website:

    The Developer Edition allows free development, and demonstrates much faster performance than MySQL on many different types of applications. Perhaps it would solve your needs, without the need for migration.

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