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    Unanswered: Semaphore settings for IDS 11.50 on Sol 10

    I am installing Informix 11.50 on Solaris 10 (Sun Sparc) for the 1st time. Previously I had Informix 7.x running on Solaris 9 (Sun Sparc).
    In the machine notes for the install some of the required kernel parameters have changed to resource controls but its a bit ambiguous as to what the values for these new resource controls are (at least to me anyway).
    On Sol 9 the below values are clearly stated.

    On Sol 10 it states that the "IPC tunables are replaced by their resource controls with the new default values" but does not give values to set for these resource controls.

    Should I be changing the values from the default to the given values associated with Solaris 9:
    project.max-sem-ids=128(project default) formerly semmni=4096
    process.max-sem-nsems=512(project default) formerly semmsl=500
    project.max-shm-ids=128(project default) formerly shmmni=500

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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    I am not a Solaris expert, But I do know that Solaris 10 is controlled by prctl function not the /etc/system file. Solaris 10 will ignore the /etc/system file as far as I know, that may have changed.

    The following link is for Solaris

    The 11.50 machine notes do reference the resource control but no specifics, it does refer to a man page.

    Below is a link for oracle that might be helpful.

    If none of this helps you might want to check with either Solaris or Informix tech support

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