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    Unanswered: DoubleTake for Replication

    We are currently testing this product as SQL Replication (A/A/P) cluster to (A/P) DR Cluster, and it looks good. We are not currently using the system as a production platform yet, but I have a feeling when we do, that's when the fun will start. Does anyone out there have any pointers or nightmare stories with the product ?

    thanks all.

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    I think I checked that out a couple of year ago and it never seemed to work quite right and I had trouble getting responsive support from their helpdesk when we were just testing it out in the lab.

    this is the thing that uses checksums on your filesystem to determine whether bytes have been changed and then it moves those changes over to another server, right?

    They may have worked out the kinks and hired some more helpful support guys by now. this was a few years back and I was in super busy commercial software start up hell, so it may not have gotten my full attention at the time.
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    We have been using DoubleTake for probably 3 or 4 years. You will probably want to keep the sales guy's number handy for a while, until the installation's configuration "settles", but once you have it set correctly, it is very well behaved.

    We have had only one or two occurrences of the database files at our DR site being invalid when we disconnect DoubleTake, and try to fire up the database. The usually fix (although not possible for a true DR situation) is to detach the database, let it replicate for another minute or two, then disable DoubleTake again. For that reason, I would not trust it as a backup solution for any high update system, but as a "second chance' sort of thing, it works pretty well.

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