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    I am new to db2 syntax.

    I have a date field that i have pulled the year out of by using
    and this works fine. Now what I need to do is turn this into a text field and remove all the commas and decimals that are within the field. I usually do it by using ToText({Table.NumField}, 0, ""). However, this does not seem to be a syntax that db2 likes. What would be the db2 way of accomplishing what i need?

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    Those curly braces don't look like valid DB2 syntax. Check out scalar functions; I don't really understand what you are trying to achieve but there must be something that will help you.
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    The Frech brackets are part of the syntax crystal reports uses. no biggie on removie them for what I am trying to do now.

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    If you use the YEAR() function, you get an integer. You can apply the CHAR() function to convert the integer to a string:
    SELECT CHAR(YEAR(table.field))
    FROM   table
    What I don't understand is the part about "commas and decimals". Could you explain this a bit more?
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