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    Unanswered: Is it possible to pause a procedure?

    Hi Everybody!

    I wonder if it's possible to pause for a while a procedure.

    The reason is that I have a procedure with two "insert" statements. Although this inserts are registered in the right order in the db, sometimes when i do a "select" (while the procedure is running) I get the second one instead the first, as if the second insert was done before the first.

    If i do the first insert and I wait some time, then I get this new record if I look up for them. Then I do the second insert, and I get the second. I'd like to simulate this behaviour in my procedure: wait some seconds between inserts.

    I thought in a "commit" instruction, but my database is not transactional, so it's not possible to use it, isn't it?

    I also think about to introduce, between the first insert and the second, other sql in order to waste time, but I'd like to know if there is other and smart solution.

    Thx in advance!

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    use system command

    why not insert a system command like

    system "sleep 5";

    to wait 5 seconds.

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