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    Unanswered: ASP.Net,C#,VB.Net ??


    Im still quite a newbie to the world of databases and I am at present mapping out what career path i would like to go down. My initial thoughts are that I would like to go in the direction of "database developer" and am currently pursueing a Microsoft qualification for sql server 2000. However after searching for database jobs just out of curiosity on the net, i keep coming up with things such as - ASP.Net C# VB.Net which ALOT of employers seem to want. Can anyone tell me how important these aspects are to a database developer role and a basic summary of how they tie in with the role.

    Thanks guys.


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    It seems that in most places, there is no "Database Developer" role, unless you go to a really large company. There are just "programmers". I blame this on management mainly, but we have to live with it for now. As such, Programmers are expected to know a couple possibly conflicting skillsets. Only later in your career might you be able to specialize on one thing or another.

    As for the certification, go for SQL 2005 or SQL 2008, if you can. SQL Server 2000 should be getting phased out, and knowing it will allow you to pick up legacy gigs, but not allow you to play with the newer fancier toys. ;-)

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    I didn't even know you could still get the 2k certs....
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    I see the same going on with smaller companies giving the DBA role to sysadmins (Windows Shops), usually for installs and configs and basic maintenance jobs setup. Hedge funds are predominantly our clients and they seem to follow this model until something blows up (typically a DB left in the full recovery model and no T- log jobs put in place) or when after a certain amount of time, the DB server becomes a bottleneck. I'm pretty much the only DBA within my company of @100 employees, all of which are .NET/SQL/C# programmers with financial services experience. It would be nice to have another DBA to bump heads with instead of perusing these silly message boards.
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