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    Unanswered: no start database manager command was issued

    m using DB2 v8.1 on windows
    running DB2start command gives this following error:
    sql1032N no start databse manager command was issued

    somewhere i read that changing the system password gives this error n so need to reset the password to the previous one.

    I actually changed the password n have also resetted it to the previous one but still giving the same error

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    fire first below command.
    db2admin start
    Pawan Kumar

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    @Pawan, if I am not mistaken db2admin is only required if using Control Center.
    @Nittal, check the db2diag.log for info. The default path is: C:\Program Files\IBM\SQLLIB\DB2\db2diag.log

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    you have changed the password of the user running the service for this instance. check that this password is correct or have it reset or use a different user. password for service userid should not be changed
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    thanks, its working now. I tried in the morning but it gave me that error msg but when i tried again its working fine, dont know what when wrong, i din't tried any option

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