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    I have strange experience probably i don't have printer experience. I have a report in access that has signature on it. I intall the printer locally, i tried to print the report. The signature didn't print well that means it is not clearly. But if i install as networt printer or not set as default printer. It print clearly. Do you know what the problem is. How to set up the printer as default printer so that it will print signature image clearly. Thanks in advance.

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    Take a look at the local print driver settings in Start - Printers and Faxes - PrinterName - Printing Preferences. You might find the local driver is set to draft and the network driver may be set to print in high quality.

    If you're describing the symptoms correctly, it's a really weird one. I can't imagine why setting a printer as the default would result in poor quality :/
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    I didn't see the local print driver settings . Please take a look at the attachment. I go to the Printing Preferences. The second picture the advance when i clicked the advance button. Can you help me to check? How to set driver? Thanks again!
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