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    Project Management Database

    These are the relationships I am trying to catch in my diagram. I would like you guys to check my diagram to see if I have covered them all.

    A project is done for one Client Company; a Client company can have multiple projects.
    Client Companies can be represented by multiple contacts (individuals). A contact can only represent one Client company.
    Client Companies can have multiple Prime client contacts (individuals). A Prime client contact can only represent one Client company.
    A Project can have multiple Client contacts and an individual Client contact can be related to multiple projects.
    A Project can have only one Client contact as the Prime Client contact. A Client contact can be the prime Client contact for multiple projects.
    A Client contact can or can’t be a prime Client contact. A prime Client contact has to be a Client contact.

    Finally one of the most important query that I will be making with these is A profile sheet that will give back project info, the client it's being done for, and the Prime client contact.
    The second Query will ask for All the Client contacts that were involved in a certain Project.
    Does my diagrams cover these?
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