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    Unanswered: problem with db2 start

    Hi all,
    I am using db2 v8.1 on windows

    when i am trying to access any of the tools it is throwing this error:
    IBM][JDBC [IBM][JDBC Driver] CLI0647E Error allocating DB2
    environment handle, rc=-1.

    when i hit the command db2start in db2cmd it throws this error:
    SQL6031N Error in the db2nodes.cfg file at line number "1". Reason code "10".

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    from documentation:
     (10) Ensure the hostname value defined in db2nodes.cfg at line
    "<line>" is both defined on the system and operational.
    Did you change hostname on Windows? If so you need to change hostname in db2nodes.cfg file also.

    What is your DB2 edition? It is most probably Enterprise? Execute "db2licm -l" command from DB2CMD.
    Hope this helps,

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    Hi grofaty,
    Thanks a lot.....its working!
    but one thing i am not getting is, how this worked till date, i mean, i was aware that the host name was changed for the system on which my db2 server resides but was not aware that i need to make changes in the config file also and so i din't made any changes in the config file. still it was working n suddenly i faced problem today though i changed the host name a month back.

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