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    Unanswered: Show column with integer value to decimal

    I must execute this decimal operation:
    (column1 / (1 + (column2 / 100)))

    column1 and column2 are decimal(16,2) with a few integer value exmple:

    It doesn't work..why?? ..for example:
    -- Yes
    (300.00 / (1 + (column2 / 100)))
    -- No :-(
    (300/ (1 + (column2 / 100)))
    and i return this:

    A decimal divide operation is not valid because the result would have a negative scale.

    Explanation: A specified decimal division is not valid because it will result in a negative scale.
    The formula used internally to calculate the scale of the result for decimal division is:
    Scale of result = 31 - np + ns - ds where np is the precision of the numerator, ns is the scale of the numerator, and ds is the scale of the denominator.

    User Response:
    Examine and ensure the precision and scale of all columns that may participate in a decimal division. Note that an integer or small integer value may be converted to a decimal for this calculation.

    sqlcode: -419 sqlstate: 42911

    Thank you very much.
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    Try putting decimals in all your literals (1.0 and 100.0).
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