Hi to everybody, I submit you a matter still happened never, hoping in the useful explanation from someone.

I have a mdb (access 2003) file (be) situated on a pc server; for es. the principal involved tables are so composed:

tab A.
idA (field counter - PK)

idB (field counter - PK)
idA (FK)

idC (field counter - PK)
idB (FK)

The three tables are related among them through the respective PK/FKs; and integrity has been created reference her, with elimination of the data to chain.

the three tables, together to others I am then "connected" on mdb/mde (fe) sets on various single PC connected away net to the pc server; about ten users can connect and to operate at the same time through forms of insert/edit.

Sometimes, without some comprehensible motive on the PC of the users (not always contemporarily) best man the message of Access, that signals that the be is not in a recognizable format.

To this point, after having made delink all the fe, he tries compact the file be.
For the most part the action is effected without some apparent problem, and activity can take back.
In some cases a table that has signalled errors defined better in the compact has appeared; the problem is that there are aware that in at least one of the involved tables the PK had disappeared, with consequent elimination of the relationship with the other tables and the presence of records with the key (field counter) - that it had to be univocal - Repeated.
In these cases in the connected tables the records were not more correctly tied up to the records of the primary table.

I have tried to recreate, after the nth compact and setup entirely, an empty mdb and to care the data in the new be, but punctually and unexpectedly, the problem return.

I have asked news to our IT people, and also they has been amazed; the only looked out upon anomaly they are irregular problems of access to the pc server towards user/psw.

Does something come to mind?

Thanks, Dani

sorry for my bad english