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    Question Unanswered: FTS part of a word

    I've been looking for the solution for this for what feels like a long time and everything i find doesn't appear to work.

    The basic search:
    select * from table where lower(source_string) like '%pot'
    returns 174 rows

    After trying different FTS
    select * from table where contains(source_string, '"*pot*"')
    returns 24 rows

    It is only returning results that start with 'pot', not ends or contains.

    How do I write the query to return results that contain part of a word?
    I need to return results that start with pot (ex. Potassium), end with pot (ex. spot), or contain the letters pot (ex. Lepothrix)/

    Did I create my Full-Text Index incorrectly?

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    select * from table where lower(source_string) like '%pot%'

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